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Complete line specifically for oily skin or skin with acne. All the great features of the sulfur without its unpleasant odour.

The products in this line help the skin to regain its balance, have a normalizing effect and are sebum-regulating.

They are not aggressive and do not dehydrate the skin, so they are appreciated by the normal or mixed skin as well.

A historical patented trademark, used ever since the beginning of the 1900's, an exceptional image of Art Deco appreciated for its effect, originality, invention and for the combination of extremely bright and surprisingly elegant yellow, red and green colours.
The Supersapone Tabiano line has met with approval and appreciation for its innovative formulation, based on the use of sulphur for cosmetic purposes.
Sulphur has been renowned for centuries for its antiseptic, sebum-normalizing and astringent properties. This makes it a precious raw material in cosmetics for greasy or acneic skins. 
The naturalist, Tommaso Antonio Catullo, in his “Elements of mineralogy” (1833) writes "The medicinal uses of sulphur are numerous and exceedingly interesting. It is used in the treatment of many cutaneous diseases, applied in liniments on the skin…" 
Pilogen research has continued to develop and improve the line of sulphur-based products in various forms: from Bio-sulphur to Plant sulphur.
Bio-sulphur: bio-available form of sulphur that augments its efficacy and through which cosmetics free from the characteristic odour of sulphur can be formulated.
Plant sulphur: exploits the presence of sulphur in plant proteins and amino acids. These sulphureous compounds maintain some of the well-known functions of this marvellous element.
From nature, a resource that never fails to amaze us, the functionalities of which are concentrated in extremely sophisticated dermocosmetological products.
Constantly improved quality and care, following the dictates of modern cosmetology, have led to the development of an ever-increasing range of products to complete the line, with shampoos, creams and cleansers.
Tabiano bio sulphur shower gel 250 ml 3 pieces

Price per piece: 3.87 €
Ref.: PH031100
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Tabiano Bio-sulfur shampoo 250 ml 3 pieces

Price per piece: 3.87 €
Ref.: PH031200
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Tabiano Face cleansing gel 200 ml
Ref.: PH031300
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Tabiano supersoap with sulphur 125 g 4 pieces

Price per piece: 3.22 €
Ref.: PH031400
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